Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs, Release Date and Price

Update: Samsung Galaxy S8 is now confirmed to release on March 29 in a separate event in New York City. It will come with Iris Eye Scanner, New AMOLED display, Powerful processor, 8GB RAM and most importantly will have new design. Yes, the GalaxyS8 will not have Physical Home button and that makes it more beautiful, having smaller bezels, thinner sides, and sharp edgy surface makes is amazing device.

With every launch, Samsung is coming with badder, bigger and the best Galaxy smartphone that’s just going to turn all the rumour into the reality. Already feeling your excitement to the next level, then just hold your horses till you get to see the specs and other special features of Galaxy S8.

The S series of Samsung is becoming the most happening thing today with those models that are just not being liked in India but outside India as well. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will once again achieve the goal of delivering superior strength, amazing visual attractiveness, intensified functionality, high-quality visuals, the unique richness which will help redefine 2017 smartphone trends.

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Expected Release date of Samsung Galaxy S8:

Till now, the official release date for the Samsung GalaxyS8 phone is not decided but we are expecting that this phone will be revealed to the world at MWC 2017 in the month of March. This much-awaited phone has created a wildfire among the smartphone lover tough the world is yet to step in 2017. Also, with its release, Samsung will be bringing many breathtaking features into play when they release their awaited S8.

Now, without even a single second of yours, let’s head on to the specifications and features of Samsung S8 smartphone-

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Eye-grabbing Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8 Edge Features-

The features given here are expected to come up with this smartphone.Know about the upcoming Galaxy S8 | Galaxy S8 Edge Release date, Full Specifications and Price. The list given here is a compilation of all the speculations that are being made for this phone.

  1. Enhanced Security

The release of Samsung Galaxy S8 will not compromise with the security standards of the phone and the rumours suggest that Samsung is going to make S8, the most secure phone in this world. Among the most rumoured is the eye scanning technology. Also, the registering retina information will take lesser time and quicker response.

  1. Speed that defeats the blinking of your eyes

The next major concern, Samsung is working is the improved speed and performance. It is not wrong to expect that both these features will be outstanding on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

  1. Uncommon Glass-like Surround

The Uncommon Glass-like Surround like the feature of Samsung S8 phone will give it a most enhanced and unique ability to stand out of the lot. The surround will not only be strong but also intelligent and thus will serve a double function.

  1. Wireless Fast Charging

Samsung has now focused on the wireless boost charging technology. With many of its competitors are in the game to lure businessman, S8 & S8 Edge will too have the same feature of super-fast charging ability but with further improvement that allows you to energise your battery to its full extent in just 20 minutes.

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Amazing Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8:

The judgment for any mobile phone is done on the basis of the specifications provided by it. And to be precise, Galaxy S8 Edge will have all the specs that a smartphone must have in it. Check out the list of Samsung Galaxy S8 specs here.

  1. Camera Features

A smartphone with such a whopping price is always expected to have the best-in-class and Galaxy S8 Edge has the potential to fulfil your expectations. With features such as optical image stabilization, facial recognition, auto laser focus, geo-tagging, and HDR, S8 will have each and everything it. Also, to support it, S8 will have a 12 MP front and 30 MP rear camera.

  1. Memory Options

The memory will now be increased with the launch of Galaxy S8 smartphone. There will be 2 variants available for this phone, one will be 64 GB and the other will be 128 GB. Also, the users will have the choice of expanding the memory via micro SD cards. Therefore, storage space will not be a concern with this device.

The phone will work on 6GB RAM which will only contribute to the fast speed and performance of the phone and hence delighted customers for Samsung.

  1. Screen Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumoured to have a 5.3” inch display that will have 4K resolution power and 4096 x 2160 screen resolution. This will ensure perfect viewing for the users. Also, Samsung is also planning to launch an S8 version that has a flexible screen. The price of this version might go high but it would be worth all the money spent.

  1. Clear Force Touch-

This is a unique specification among all and also it will be countering the Apple’s 3D touch has become more popular now. This technology will check the pressure of the finger on the screen when you tap on it and will show various options.

  1. All new Android v7.0 Naught OS

The latest Galaxy S8 will feature all new operation system in Galaxy S8 Edge. Till now, it’s a rumor but as soon as the new android system is launched, you will find it in the new Samsung phone.

  1. USB Type-C Port

To ensure faster transfer of data, Samsung will give USB Type-C port in its new S8 phone. Also, this is just expected, the official announcement for the same is yet to come.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Price List

Post release, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be made available for $900 USD. This is going to be the standard price marking for the phone and the price may vary in regard to different countries.

Also, for different models of S8, the price will vary. Moreover, models on the basis of storage space and features like classic, flexi, Edge will come in different price range. Say, for example, if you are purchasing the 64 GB model, you will be asked to pay high but if one goes from the classic model with 32 GB storage capacity, then the price will go down. For the top model, i.e., Edge with 128 GB storage capacity, you will have to pay more and you will also enjoy all the features.

Why should you Anticipate and Wait for Galaxy S8 Smartphone?

Its going to be best high end smartphone ever. With success of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Samsung is once again back on track and working really hard to come with Galaxy S8 with next MWC. And if you are waiting for this phone too, then start counting yourself among the luckiest persons of the world. All the above-mentioned characteristics should also make you wait for this phone and buy it quickly just after it gets released.

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